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Children’s Outreach

Alexander was a pastor and charity worker in Donetsk Region. Due to the war in Eastern Ukraine, Alexander and his family had to leave the area in 2014. He at one time hid for one week in a basement as he was on a hit list of pastors that would be put in prison. Some ministers were killed and some wounded. The force of the bombs broke windows and there was no electricity.
Many elderly lived in fear. Other church members helped Alexander and his family to escape in their cars at great personel risk to themselves. In theory the church is still allowed to operate but it is infiltrated by authority figures.  A church is attached to the children’s home, but it is not allowed registration and could be closed at any time.
Alexander first moved to Poltarva, across the border. In the occupied area OAP’s did not receive a pension for 6 months and 16 people died of starvation.  Alexander stayed until the pension was reinstated. Money donated from Door of hope was used at this time to bring food to people in this region. There was a team of workers left to keep the children’s home open and to support the elderly – church members were also supported.
Alexander is now working in the so called grey area between the occupied and unoccupied areas and the sound of bombs and guns continue to be heard. Sholannoye is the village in the grey area. Alexander helps families in his designated boarder area. They did manage to arrange summer camps for the children suffering the effects of war.
Alexander now lives in Kramatorsk which is 1&1/2 miles from the border. He goes twice a week to this area together with other Christian people who help. Amazingly, there have been 25 new churches opened up on the border.
In Enakieve children’s home there are 4 volunteer workers and usually 15/16 children a day are given food, play games, and are taken to summer camps.  
Pastor Alexander has been extremely faithful to the children and families who have had to live in basement’s since their houses were destroyed. All this at the risk of his own life.
Door of Hope continue’s to support the ongoing work that Pastor Alexander does for the lives of these children and families. – Love and Prayers