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Monthly Archives: October 2017

“And he was teaching daily in the temple” Sept/Oct 2017

  Nearly two thousand summers ago, these words spoken by Jesus the Silent Leader – the human face of God, admirably expresses what we are endeavouring to do among a small but significant section of the poor of this world. Jesus, the interpreter of the sublime, taught the people, drawing them into his eyes through the captivating themes of his teaching. Most of you are aware that Door of Hope is educating the minds of children and teenagers as well as providing

“A Summer Reminder” July/August 2017

  Diane and I continue to give much thought to those of you who make donations to Door of Hope. Some  of you have given and prayerfully supported Door of Hope for over twenty years – others more recently. Each of you are individuals of sacred importance. Although we have never met many of you face to face, shaken your hand, given you a hug or heard the sound of your voice, in many aspects, we feel that we know you. You

“I Journey towards the Gypsies” May/June 2017

  Maybe by the time that you receive this letter I shall be in the Lviv area of the Ukraine. Travelling doesn’t become any easier in this part of the world. I am 73 years of age now. Thankfully, at the present time, I feel that God gives me the strength to assist (even if it is in a small way), the poverty ravaged people  that I am about to describe to you. I have just received a letter from Pastor Misha,

The Winter of our Discontent – Jan/Feb 2017

So far it is has been an appalling winter in Bulgaria. Indeed, to quote Shakespeare, “A Winter of Discontent” plus much more.  People travelling by road in the new year were suddenly struck  by hurricane winds and rapidly forming snow drifts. Cars and heavy trucks shunted to  a standstill causing a chain of accidents. There were no available machines for clearing the snow and people were marooned in their vehicles without water, food and medical support. The temperature plummeted to