“A Summer Reminder” July/August 2017


Diane and I continue to give much thought to those of you who make donations to Door of Hope. Some  of you have given and prayerfully supported Door of Hope for over twenty years – others more recently. Each of you are individuals of sacred importance.

Although we have never met many of you face to face, shaken your hand, given you a hug or heard the sound of your voice, in many aspects, we feel that we know you. You have become unseen friends arousing within us what one poet called “the deep beauty of gratitude.”

However I can honestly guarantee that at some point, down the years, your cheque, cash or direct debit payment has financed the projects that I have listed below.

Without any preaching, in giving, you have actually entered into and become part of the deep human needs listed below. Please think carefully on this!

In your giving, you have made all these projects possible, not Diane and I!

These are the painful human areas that you have brought comfort to ….

  • Children living in derelict ‘homes’ worse than garden sheds have been fed and
  • Children physically and sexually abused, and forced upon  the  streets  to  beg   have  been provided with counselling and secure accommodation.
  • Support has been given to Orphanages both in the Ukraine and Bulgaria
  • Children barely knowing what a toothbrush is, have been driven distances over 60 miles to receive professional dental treatment.
  • Teenage boys, girls and with little chance of future employment have been taught many practical skills like plumbing, carpentry, computer technology, operating a sewing machine, and practical hygiene.
  • Young men and children resident in three Youth Prisons, have been regularly supplied with toys, clothes, shoes, writing materials, musical instruments, hygiene care, and above all, Christian teaching.
  • Over 50 young people in the city of Kiev who are inflicted with a Cerebral condition have received financial help from Door of Hope. Practical support has also been given to their impoverished single parents.
  • One parent families living in high rise apartment blocks, some with a single water tap, shared toilet and no heating, have been visited and financially supported.
  • When occasions  have  arisen, children have been funded for emergency medical treatment.
  • Every winter  in  Bulgaria  temperatures  drop well below freezing and elderly people, with no guaranteed income (many living in shack/ hovel conditions) are provided with hot meals.
  • Thousands of clothing items have been given to impoverished gypsy people residing in ghetto villages of Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Also knitted blankets and other items for babies and children.
  • Every Christmas, thousands of shoe boxes packed with family presents (kindly provided by Link to Hope Charity that Door of Hope works closely with), reach poverty stricken communities of people. Included among these are the poor children of criminals who are serving sentences in Bulgarian and Ukrainian High Security
  • In the Ukraine, Door of Hope has provided clothes, shoes and other practical items for prisoners, particularly murderers who will never be released. We have  also  given some small financial assistance to Christian workers who have had the joy of seeing murderers turn to Christ and receive water baptism.
  • In the main Sofia Prison, Bulgaria, every criminal continues to receive a Bible from Door of Hope. We have also provided  shoes, bed mattresses and believe it or not, beehives in order that the inmates can learn the creative art of beekeeping.

These are the projects that are a part of YOU because of your financial support.

If the Bible is true, then the other little miracle of course is that in our donations, we are actually giving a measure of ourselves to Christ the Burden Bearer and Mind Curer! During his life on earth, the words of Jesus intimated:   ”In giving to the last, the least and the little, you have given to me.”

That’s more than wonderful!

So thank you. Whether your gift was a one-off donation, or whether you have been supporting us over many years, you have performed a holy act, the ripples of which will lap into eternity to come.

I would remind you yet again that our overheads are kept as low as possible so that our income (your donations) go straight to the area of need. Working from my home, we have no big office to fund. We charge no rent. Our newsletters remain in black & white while remaining professional. John, our news- letter designer and Berly who updates our address list do not charge for their work. We know that you, our readers, have the intelligence to understand exactly what Door of Hope is doing without using lavish, expensive colour. We also deliberately avoid crude, heavy appeals for money, NEVER following people up with countless letters and phone calls.

Saying that, each July and August becomes our special Summer Appeal period.

During a period of diminished giving, our projects have to be financially maintained and supported. All I would say is that if you can make a summer donation to Door of Hope, we would be grateful beyond words.  Thank you and God bless.


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