Decide on how many bags you would like to make. Then click on the relevant button above to take you through to our registration and payment process.
  • Your requested number of empty ‘Bags of Education’ draw string bags
  • Leaflet and contents list
  • FREE – return postage of your ‘Bags of Education’ draw string bags
  • The packing and transportation of bags to Eastern Europe
  • Distribution of your ‘Bags of Education’ to children in Eastern Europe
  • Thank you newsletter and information on where the bags have gone
Once you have registered with us stating the amount of bags you require, we will process your order and send it out to you. When you have filled your draw string bags with the relevant materials from the contents list provided, please go to the Pick up Booking Form HERE to book the collection of your bags using our courier company.
OPTION 1 – 1 Bag
If you have ordered just 1 bag please do NOT fill out the Pick up Booking Form. Instead, put your filled red bag in the grey re-sealable mail bag provided and attach the return franking label provided.
OPTION 2 – 2 – 3 Bags
If you are ordering 2 or 3 bags, you will receive a UK Mail re-sealable mail bag to put your draw string bags into. Insert your draw string bags into the mail bag provided and fill out the Pick up Booking Form HERE
OPTION 3 – 4 Or More Bags
When you order 4 bags or more you will need to find a cardboard box to put them into. Due to weight regulations, we ask that you do NOT put more than 10 bags in a box. If you order more than 10 bags, please distribute them evenly over the number of boxes used. When you have done this, please go to the Pick up Booking Form HERE to book the collection of your boxes.
PLEASE NOTE: we ask that each draw string bag does NOT exceed 2kg in weight.
If you are a school, church or other large organisation who would like to find out more about ‘Bags of Education’ and get involved on a larger scale, then please contact Simon on: 01903 529333 or