Bags of Education Bag and Leaflet – Please register with us HERE and we will send your bags and leaflets out to you. This is very important and is so we can plan our logistics properly. NB These leaflets contain the contents list and due to registration purposes we can only send these out to you once you have registered for your bags. If you wish to view the requirements of the contents list then please visit HERE


School and Church Presentation Resources – We welcome schools and churches getting involved in ‘Bags of Education’. As we are a very small team we can’t go all over the country holding presentations as much as we would like too. Therefore we have put together some presentations that we hope will engage your pupils and congregations in the ‘Bags of Education’ Appeal and help them understand what their educational bags are helping to achieve, which is to show love and support to some of the poorest and most marginalised people in Eastern Europe and the Ukraine.


Please get in touch with us HERE and we will be happy to send out a presentation to you.


We also have a Teachers Guide which lays out useful guidelines and information when organising your class or school to take part in ‘Bags or Education’ – Please feel free to click on the Teachers Guide to download or print off.


      Teachers Guide