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What we are doing in Bulgaria


There is a desperate need to feed the people in the ghetto of Chirpan. Once a week a hot meal and sandwiches is given to the children and elderly who come together and enjoy food in company……..


In the gypsy community of Chirpan, Bulgaria turkish is the spoken language which is where they originated from.  Their lack of Bulgarian has a serious effect on their job opportunities…….

Human Trafficking

Door of Hope is supporting a project in Bulgaria that helps support women and children who have been victims of human trafficking. It concentrates on counselling and works skills……

Work Skills

There is huge unemployment in certain communities in Bulgaria, sometimes as much as 80%. Door of Hope works with skills training, introducing basic skills in carpentry and cooking etc……

Shoeboxes - Bulgaria

Shoeboxes at Christmas is an amazing gateway to sharing our love for others who literally have nothing. The Shoebox is a simple idea, which puts big smiles on peoples faces ……