Human Trafficking

With Bulgaria’s poor economy contributing as one of the main factors, victims of trafficking play a significant role in this country. This produces a huge source of traffickers. Many of the trafficked girls are trying to escape the poverty in Bulgaria, which often means accepting deceitful work opportunities from strangers and agencies. It has also been known that even friends and family members play a part in this role also.
A contributing factor of Human Trafficking in Bulgaria is the direct transportation link for Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Europe as well as the Middle East and Asia. Since the fall of communism, many girls from orphanages and villages across Bulgaria have proven to be the most vulnerable and at risk of trafficking because of the lack of education and their desire for quick earnings.
Currently, 35% of the Bulgarian population is living in poverty with the unemployment rate sitting at 7.12%. The outlook for young people does not look promising. Between 10-15% of minors and juveniles in Bulgaria fall victims to trafficking, making children extremely vulnerable and many of them dropping out of school by 5th grade.
With Human Trafficking being one of the fastest growing enterprises and expanding to a considerable rate in Bulgaria. Door of Hope feels the importance to support these marginalised  people who feel forgotten and confused. Working alongside our friends and partners on the outskirts of Chirpan, we offer a chance for women and children to integrate again with the local community, so they may live with dignity and hope, whilst given support when they are at their most vulnerable. No one in this world is a commodity, we are all loved by the body of Christ.
Gary Haugen, author and founder of IJM (International Justice Missions)
Quoted: “When our grandchildren ask us where we were when the voiceless and the vulnerable in our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up, and that we showed up on time”