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Work Skills

Door of Hope works with some of the most marginalised and rejected, ethnic people. They reside  in the village of Chirpan in Eastern Bulgaria. With the support of our close friends from Link to Hope, we send shoeboxes to them each year. Many of these ‘homes have no electricity connection. They have no income to pay for it. A low level of education joined to an inability to speak the Bulgarian language, causes many of the youth to drop out of school. Employment is scarce. Over 90% of village folk have no work.
Teenage boys, girls and with little chance of future employment  have been taught many practical skills like plumbing, carpentry, computer technology, operating a sewing machine, and practical hygiene. Hopefully, this will give them a chance for the future.

Most of the people in the Ghetto are uneducated. They are inexperienced and practically unable to follow any job, particularly where discipline, accuracy, care and persistence are needed. Their average annual income is about £320.00; this is about £1.00 daily. Having in mind the bills for electricity, water and the other public services, the people of the Chirpan community and the surrounding area, are permanently hungry and some existing in fearsome misery.
We thank our good friends and partners, Oggy and Bobby Todorov for the amazing achievements they have made to Door of Hopes’s work skills projects which impacts the lives of this marginalised community in Chirpan.