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Shoeboxes – Bulgaria


Shoeboxes at Christmas is an amazing gateway to sharing our love for others who literally have nothing. The shoebox is a simple idea, which puts big smiles onto people faces. The shoeboxes are gifts given to families who often have to make a choice between buying food or fuel at Christmas time – buying presents is not a priority. Many of these families do not have running water, heating or electricity. Some live in appalling conditions, often existing in just one or two rooms, and life for them is a constant struggle to survive.
Joyful Celebration of Christmas
By organising big arctic trucks, Link to Hope kindly helps us supply 2,300 Christmas Shoeboxes to various poor villages in and around Chirpan. Christmas aid is delivered direct to a church in Chirpan. From there, local volunteers with transportation distribute the shoeboxes amongst the poor families, particularly the children in Chirpan and the surrounding village areas such as Haskovo, in the Rhodope Mountains, and villages near Sliven.
It’s powerful to know that through the reports that we receive, shoeboxes have reached the remotest of places and to the poorest of families. In many cases we are reaching family members with extreme disabilities. Through the contacts we have made, we are also able to distribute Christmas Shoeboxes to some of the toughest places, such as the main security prison in Sofia. Contained in these boxes are  shampoos, soaps, tooth-brushes and tooth-pastes, razors, pens, pencils, children toys, socks, hats, scarves, pullovers, chocolates and many other items needed for the lives of these poor communities. It is always a great celebration in the Church when the shoeboxes arrive. At this time, when so many families and children arrive at the church which has limited space,  some of the shoeboxes have to be delivered to their homes.
Its with a huge thanks to our close friends at Link to Hope that we are able to provide shoeboxes for Bulgaria. These people have very little in their lives, so to see the joy on the faces of children and families on receiving a shoebox, makes all that we do worth while.
If you feel you would like to take part in this appeal please go and register at the Link to Hope website.  In registering for this appeal please be assured that over 5,000 shoeboxes are given to the Ukraine and Bulgaria in the name of Door of Hope.  Many people have felt loved and supported by receiving a shoebox showing them that someone, somewhere cares about them.