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Christmas joy amid the pain

We have received a very touching letter from Zena who resides near the War Zone of the Ukraine. She has faithfully represented Door of Hope for many years. Ukraine’s conflict with the occupying Russians continues in spite of little news on TV and in newspapers. Over the years, Zena and her husband have rescued drug addicts, the homeless and latterly, moving poor elderly people from warring areas into safer ones. At this time of the year (with the kind assistance

Devastation in Bulgaria

In parts of Bulgaria, people are still trying to come to terms with devastating weather conditions. It has been a catastrophic year. Apart from spiralling temperatures higher than what we experienced here in the UK, there have been destructive floods and chronic rainfall. Roads flooded, mud slides, rock falls, damaged houses, drowned livestock and even people lost in the overflow of water.  One week after I departed from a mountainous region in Bulgaria, the town I had visited was totally

Surviving The Isolation of Winter

  We have just received the following letter (together with photographs), from Pastor Misha who directs a church and humanitarian rescue in the Lviv area of the Ukraine. Because of your help, we have been able to support the work that he does for many Diane and I never cease to be amazed at the degree of poverty and deprivation that is right on our doorstep in Eastern Europe. One does not have to travel to the poorest countries in Africa in

Christmas Boots and Boxes Dec 2017

  The needs remain great in the seedy ghetto communities where we work. There’s nothing worse in life than a feeling of irrelevance. To be coldly forgotten. To exist in a run-down community where human beings are looked upon with sweeping indifference. Where every life is touched by the icy fingers of poverty. Like Christ Himself, particularly at Christmas, it’s easy to be cast aside when you become a nuisance. This is the shabby level of people we are trying to

“And he was teaching daily in the temple” Sept/Oct 2017

  Nearly two thousand summers ago, these words spoken by Jesus the Silent Leader – the human face of God, admirably expresses what we are endeavouring to do among a small but significant section of the poor of this world. Jesus, the interpreter of the sublime, taught the people, drawing them into his eyes through the captivating themes of his teaching. Most of you are aware that Door of Hope is educating the minds of children and teenagers as well as providing

“A Summer Reminder” July/August 2017

  Diane and I continue to give much thought to those of you who make donations to Door of Hope. Some  of you have given and prayerfully supported Door of Hope for over twenty years – others more recently. Each of you are individuals of sacred importance. Although we have never met many of you face to face, shaken your hand, given you a hug or heard the sound of your voice, in many aspects, we feel that we know you. You

“I Journey towards the Gypsies” May/June 2017

  Maybe by the time that you receive this letter I shall be in the Lviv area of the Ukraine. Travelling doesn’t become any easier in this part of the world. I am 73 years of age now. Thankfully, at the present time, I feel that God gives me the strength to assist (even if it is in a small way), the poverty ravaged people  that I am about to describe to you. I have just received a letter from Pastor Misha,