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Club Hope – £5



By joining Club Hope you enable us to expand and develop projects to further improve and rebuild even more lives and communities as well as being able to respond to emergencies as they arise. This is why we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider becoming a member of Club Hope and donate just £5 a month to help make a difference to hundreds of peoples lives across Eastern Europe.

LIVES OF PEOPLE LIKE NADIA                  

 Nadia is extremely disabled and can’t walk and talk. She lives with her   mother who is elderly and brother who is an alcoholic. Her father works away and only visits occasionally. Due to Nadia’s disability and her family situation, she never leaves the dirty flat she lives in and stays in the same position on a couch in the living room. The family have very little money and the smell and living conditions within the flat would be too much to bear for many people. On one occasion Nadia was left so long without food by her mother and brother, she started eating he mattress she lay on. Through Ludmila and the Cerebral palsy project, Door of Hope were able to send funds out of Club Hope to give Nadia regular food parcels and home visits.

                   CHILDREN’S OUTREACH

With your help, Club Hope is able to support children in the poorest and most violent parts of the Ukraine. In many cases, the children’s parents have been killed. The Angels of Light centre that Door of Hope supports cares for these children who are in a distressed and vulnerable state. Through Club Hope, we are able to give these children food, clothing, bedding, and hygiene products at the centre.






Your £5 a month will make a huge difference to these and many other peoples lives across all of our projects for such things as:
  • Food for the poorest and most disadvantaged.
  • Medical and dental aid.
  • Supporting women and children who have been trafficked.
  • Social care programmes.
  • Education and training to help people break out of their cycle of poverty.
  • Clothing and bedding.
  • Emergency situations that may arise.
Please do consider joining Club Hope. £5 a month may be very little in our country but can go a powerfully long way in the countries we support in Eastern Europe.
To receive our Club Hope leaflet, please contact us HERE stating the amount of leaflets you require and the address to send them too.