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Dispatch Form

If you have 3 or more filled Bags of Education ready, then please do the following

1. Click on the My Hermes logo below to find your nearest drop off point for your filled Bags of Education.
2 Select your most convenient drop off point and make a note of the address.
3. Place your filled Bags of Education in a box to a maximum of 7 bags per box.  Please do not put in any more as there are weight restrictions.  If you have more bags please distribute them over more boxes.
4. Fill out the Dispatch Form below with your details and the number of filled Bags of Education and boxes you have ready to dispatch.
5. Fill in the address of the My Hermes Parcel Shop that you are going to drop your boxes off to including the postcode.
6. We will e-mail you the label(s) that you will need to go on your box(es)
7. Take your boxes to your selected My Hermes Parcel Shop and they will be sent to us.  We will then send your wonderful bags to the children that need them.