Project Description


In the suburban quarters of Chirpan and two small surrounding villages, live ethnic Turks and Gypsies. The social conditions of these places are extremely poor. There is an absence of local medical and dental assistance, no professional social care or compulsory education, minuscule pensions for the elderly and soaring unemployment figures. Inside these minority communities there are many street children and others from dysfunctional homes to whom Door of Hope gives free meals and drinks.

Our wonderful Bulgarian couple Oggy and Bobby Todorov have given their lives to serve the poor. From the proceeds that Door of Hope can forward onto them on a regular basis, we are able to feed not only the young but also the elderly in Chirpan. Many of the elderly are left on their own, this is due to their partners dying and their children growing up and leaving home. Sadly it is not uncommon for their grandchildren to be totally dismissive of their grandmothers. On one occasion we have witnessed a granddaughter throwing her grandmother out of the ‘home’ because she had become too much of a burden. Interestingly however, rarely have we found these ladies complaining.



Thank you to our volunteers

Door of Hope continues to support Oggy and Bobby and the Canteen project in this poor and marginalized village outside Chirpan. We are also privileged to have a third party within this poor village to help distribute food to the elderly who are also blind, disabled and too old to leave their homes. When Door of Hope visited this village, we were able to go out on the rounds and help deliver the food to the elderly, it was distressing to see so many people living in such dire circumstances. Their beds, from what we observed appeared to be mattresses on the floor covered in rags.

Being fed and cared for should not be a privilege, so Oggy and Bobby are determined to see that the best possible food can be supplied for these children and elderly, as well as helping them to be self-sufficient. Your continuous contributions help us bring a degree of comfort to these elderly forgotten people who are now approaching the end of their days. In the area where we work, no one else is assisting the elderly, only Door of Hope.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.