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Little Mothers


As many of you are aware the war is still continuing in Eastern Ukraine. Many of our project managers are helping with refugees but they are also trying to continue their work with the marginalised people in the country. This is just one example of those that are being helped by Zina and Alex, a project called Little Mothers.
The project “Little mother” in Mariupol include 20 women and 21 children. Among them are women with children, the elderly and single disabled women, all of them are refugees. There are some women that have HIV status. All are in a difficult life situation. Each of them need help and Door of Hope helps pay to provide the following:-
1. To equip a children’s recreation and development room.
2. To repair the rooms, where women with children live.
3. To help children that are up to a year old: prams, playpens, kid’s food, hygiene.
4. Fuel for heating -120 pounds.
5. Furniture, beds, mattresses and bedding.
6. Repair and restoration of greenhouses and purchase of planting material for growing vegetables in the rehabilitation centre.  
     The products will be shared with the children and their children.
Every woman in the project “Little Mothers” has her own troubled history. The task is as much as possible to help these women and their children to escape their problems. Door of Hope continues to support our friends Alex and Zina, and the impressive work they do in supporting and caring for these young mothers and children.