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Read More Human Trafficking Bringing hope and freedom to women and children from marginalised communities Helping the Elderly Bringing hope to the elderly in the worlds hardest places Read More Bags of Education Unlocking children's potential with educational resources Read More Children's Outreach Bringing joy to the lives of children and families, who have suffered the effects of war. Read More Caring for the Orphans Helping feed and clothe children from orphanages Read More Shoebox Appeal Bringing a box of joy to the elderly and families from poor communities Read More Haven of Hope Feeding and caring for the homeless who have escaped the effects of the war zone. Read More Little Mothers Supporting single mothers who have HIV and TB Read More


Who We Are? Read Our Story

Door of Hope exists to transform the lives of the poor and marginalised in Eastern Europe particularly in Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Door of Hope covers the areas of Education, Social Care and most recently Human Trafficking.  Existing since 1981 the core of the charity is unlocking the potential in people who through no fault of their own face injustice and have no way of escaping it.

What We Do Our Projects

Human Trafficking

Door of Hope is supporting a project in Bulgaria that helps support women and children who have been victims of Human Trafficking…..

Haven of Hope

With many people fleeing areas of war torn Ukraine, Door of Hope supports an amazing couple who give out life saving food and medication……


As well as supporting a kindergarten in Bulgaria, Door of Hope also gives regular training for the teachers. The children themselves are taught language, hygiene and moral issues…..

Children's Outreach

Door of Hope Supports this amazing project in the Ukraine, giving families and children who have suffered the effects of war, the opportunity to attend summer camps……

Our Campaigns

  1. ‘I AM’ Project

    £130.00 donated of £5,000.00 goal