Project Description


You are no doubt aware that for the last few years, Ukraine is in the middle of a war. The effects on the people living in the East of the country has been terrible. Alex and Zina are a wonderful Christian couple who used to run a rehabilitation Center in Enakiev, Donetsk region which is now in the war zone. Because of their Christian faith they had to move away from this area in 2014 as their lives were at risk.

They moved to Mariupol in 2014 to escape the war but it was still dangerous due to their church connection. Six months ago in April, they moved to another area called Zaporo to start a new church. Zina continues to go to Enakiev. Taking vitamins, gifts and funds she has to cross the border to return to the rehabilitation centre. This couple work with the local GP and social worker (who they know personally) to help addicts. Zina needs documents to cross the border. It’s very risky and difficult for her.


Zina and Alex work with 8 families which includes 10 adults and 30 children. They give out life saving food, vitamins and medication. Many of the people they have helped have themselves escaped from the war zone. Having lived in Mariupol for three years they know everyone that they helped, therefore a trust has been established.


Having moved to Zaporo they are having to begin again. This involves helping a number of the homeless people who mainly stay in railway stations or nearby parks. Alex and Zina have purchased a tent to protect themselves from the winter elements. This is much needed as they minister, share food and clothes to try to help these people. Their dream is to have a building for the homeless but the approximate cost of the land and the house is £7,500.

In Zaporo Alex and Zina also care for young refugee families from the Donetsk region in the war zone. They have rented a flat and are helping 5 families including 12 children, giving food, clothing and helping with emergency needs.

Each child gets 880 UAH =£25-88p in child benefit and the cost of apartments is 4,000 UAH =£117-64, so families have to share very small apartments. Some refugees have to return back to the war zone as they cannot afford the rent. Food and gas prices have doubled in Donetsk region. In the occupied area the authorities teach that all other Ukrainians outside the war zone are bad people.

In a very difficult situation, Zina and Alex believe that God is with them. Their consuming wish is to help the lonely and displaced as well as others existing in deprived conditions.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.