Project Description


Within a small and marginalised community in Chirpan, Door of Hope supports a small education centre run by Michael and Boyana Kirov. Children are taught early stage lessons as well as support with the Bulgarian language, hygiene and simple moral issues. The long term objective is to prepare them for eventual higher education and the intention of future employment. The centre also supports children from extremely poor backgrounds who can’t attend school through no fault of their own.

Teaching sessions are conducted on such topics as: Discovering your Potential, Basic Literacy (Maths, Reading and Writing) Music, Sports, Health Issues and practical subjects like Plumbing, Carpentry and Computers. Door of Hope is concerned about the long-term prospects of deprived children, not only in satisfying their immediate feeding needs. Our developing literacy and numeracy programmes are helping these children not only to learn how to play, how to read and write, but to give them a sense of worth and a code of Christian moral values. Financial support is needed to continue to build an educational programme within the centre that will help these children finally become responsible citizens and develop a new era of change within their community.

With the goal to facilitate an internship programme within the Learning Centre, this offers children between 6-11 to be trained in a number of different skills.



The children who attend the education centre come from broken family homes where the parents are generally illiterate. On some occasions the children have to cope with violence within the home. There are around 50 children who attend the centre ranging from 4 – 14 years of age. These children are mainly Turkish and Bulgarian origin and they meet in the centre 4 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Sunday after Sunday Service. With lessons provided by the local public school, our education centre configures the work to suit the children who attend. 

Michael and Boyana who run the centre have a small team of just 4 volunteers who help keep the running of the centre, this involves: Preparing food, delivering food to children with no parental care, running classes…and more. The aim is to increase the children’s potential awareness and self-confidence while giving them basic education to prepare them hopefully for their next stage in life….Higher education.




Providing children with school uniforms and shoes

One of the various problems these children face in not attending school is the awful condition of their clothing. Children must have a school uniform or at least some from of representable clothing before entering the school. Door of Hope supplied 30 children with uniforms and sneakers 


Providing lessons and bible teaching to a class of children

Using just a simple roll up blackboard, Door of Hope provided the education centre with a new projector so that lessons with the children can be more current and streamlined. This projector has had a big impact on the teachers and volunteers in the lessons they set out.

To help keep the education centre running smoothly, Door of Hope receives regular project proposals and decides what’s best for the growth of the children, their education and also the centre. 



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