Bags of Education Bag and Leaflet – Please register with us HERE and we will send your bags and leaflets out to you. This is very important and is so we can plan our logistics properly. NB These leaflets contain the contents list and due to registration purposes we can only send these out to you once you have registered for your bags. If you wish to view the requirements of the contents list then please visit HERE

School, Church and Group Resources – We welcome schools, churches and Groups getting involved in ‘Bags of Education’. Unfortunately, as we are a very small team we can’t go all over the country holding presentations as much as we would like too. Please get in touch with us HERE and we will be happy to send out a presentation to you that we hope will engage your pupils and congregations in the ‘Bags of Education’ Appeal and help them understand what their educational bags are helping to achieve, to show love and support to some of the poorest and most marginalised people in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

NEW – Alternatively, if your school/church/group has access to online facilities eg ZOOM then we would be happy to send you OR share with you a live presentation. This would involve the work of Door of Hope, the importance of education and how Bags of Education can help. Do contact Simon our General Manager directly if this is something you might like at:


Below is enlarged version of the ‘Bags of Education’ contents list. This will show you the items that are required within the bags before you register. When you have read and are happy with the contents requirements then please register.


We are anxious to make sure that creating a bag is a joy and not a (financial) burden. Due to the outlay costs of this appeal that Door of Hope has to in-cure, we ask that people kindly register with us first, ordering the quantity of bags they require, then we will post them out along with the contests list leaflet. Because of this we want to help by offering different solutions to get your pupils/congregation/groups involved.

Option 1

Ask your group to bring in 50p each, depending on the amount of people involved. When you have received £15 you can then purchase 3 bags. Then you can ask your group to bring in an item from the contents list on the leaflet which you can all add to the bags.

Option 2

Ask the pupil or members of the group to bring in £5, obviously setting yourself a deadline, then you can calculate the number of bags to order. When you have received your bags you can then distribute them accordingly, either letting them take them home to fill OR asking them to bring in the items from the contents list so you can make it an activity for everyone to fill their bags together.

Option 3

Having your school or group be involved in a fundraising event eg tombola/raffle to raise money for the purchase of your bags and possibly the contents depending how much you raise.


This lays out useful guidelines and information when organising your class or school to take part in ‘Bags or Education’. – Please feel free to click on the Teachers Guide to download or print off.


This can be printed off and put on a notice board. This allows the organiser of the appeal to calculate the number of people being involved by writing their names in the blank space provided on the poster. Please feel free to click on the Appeal Poster to download and print off.


We have attached an Appeal Leaflet which is essentially a flyer, these can be distributed to people and groups who are also interested in being involved with the ‘Bags of Education’ appeal. – Please feel free to click on the Appeal Leaflet to download and print off. Should you require a larger quantity, contact Simon on


Below we have attached a short video which we hope will delight pupils and hopefully explains the need for ‘Bags of Education’ and how it can impact the lives of the children we are aiming to help. – Please feel free to share and watch this video within your classes or groups.



As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.