Project Description


The Ark Summer Camp focuses on caring and bringing people together on a short camping holiday. The Ark is put on for families and children who have fled the conflict zone and feel alone, including low income families and single parents who have suffered abuse. Door of Hope’s primary focus is giving an experience to these families who struggle financially with food and necessities back home and could only dream of going camping and spending time with others.

With the vision on their hearts, our project leaders….Zina and Alex and their volunteers receive the support from Door of Hope to run the Ark Summer Camp for 10 days on 3 consecutive occasions throughout the summer months for traumatised boys and girls and adults. In 2018 the camp started with nearly 25 adults and children. In 2021 the camp has grown with over 80 people attending and it continues to grow in popularity.


Situated in a beautiful forest near the bay of the Dnipro River in South East Ukraine, the Ark puts on a camping experience free of charge for people who have no income and need support.

The Ark also includes many fantastic activities:


The Ark Summer Camp has been identified as a great way of improving people’s confidence and stabilizing there mental wellbeing. Bringing people together who share similar experiences and watching friendships grow. ¬

With a large strong team of specialist volunteers and the guidance of Zina and Alex, many people who are alone and forgotten receive the specialist support they need while experiencing the fun of a holiday which helps give them the courage and confidence in their day to day lives.


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