Imagine being a child in Eastern Europe and living in grinding poverty with little to no chance of escape. Being brought up by illiterate parents who do not have the ability to help you learn and no financial resources in order to buy you the stationary items necessary for you to attend school.

Each year when a child goes to school the teacher hands over a long list of stationary and educational items that need to be purchased. When parents are choosing how to use their frugal resources then the list is overwhelming and virtually unattainable. This is why we have created ‘Bags of Education’ a positive and practical way of helping a child access education in Eastern Europe.


Door of Hope wants to give as many children as possible, the opportunity to go to school. The schools these children are lucky to attend, don’t have any ‘extras’ to give to the poorer children so although they can ‘go’ to school they have no resources to use when they are there. Because of this, there is high school drop out amongst the poorer children and so the relentless cycle of poverty continues.

Education also plays a key role in helping to prevent more sinister situations such as human trafficking and exploitation among women and children. Due to the parents uneducated background, children are more susceptible to victimisation within this field of corruption. Education not only makes people aware of this problem, it can also help in rehabilitating children and re-integrating them back into society.


‘Bags of Education’ is offering you the opportunity to buy a gift card to someone you love on a special occasion. The ‘Bags of Education’ gift card is a great idea to give to a friend or loved one who has everything. Through receiving this gift card, your friend or loved one is helping a child in Eastern Europe attend a school and gain an education just like other children who are more fortunate.

So if you are unsure what gift to buy this year and you know someone who is always thinking of others, then the ‘Bags of Education’ gift card is the perfect gift solution for you. Simply click on the above desired button OPTION and fill in all the relevant information, making sure you add the forwarding address of your friend or loved one.

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.