Transforming Lives in Eastern Europe since 1981


Door of Hope works with a variety of nationals on a range of projects throughout Eastern Europe. Door of Hopes success and good reputation is based on 36 years of dedication by a range of individuals who have a heart for Eastern Europe and want to offer the hand of friendship, finance and knowledge to the people of these countries to lift them out of poverty.



Door of Hope’s vision is to unlock potential within the marginalised communities of Eastern Europe particularly amongst the most disadvantaged children, families and individuals.

Its aim is to offer hope to those with no hope due to family dysfunctionality and institutional indifference. Door of Hopes vision is to see people and communities transformed and to help eradicate poverty and injustice.


A team of people based in the UK and Eastern Europe who believe that the love of Christ can transform people and situations.

Through  a range of education and social care projects in Bulgaria and the Ukraine we are committed to the releasing of peoples potential.


Door of Hope supports a wide range of projects in Bulgaria and the Ukraine involved in Education and Social Care.

The charity exists to help the body of Christ in Eastern Europe work together effectively to promote education, deal with social injustice, love marginalised people that others do not and help combat human trafficking and seek the restoration of its victims.


Feeding the Hungry

Feeding children and the elderly who are struggling to survive and are constantly hungry.

Helping the Homeless

Going onto the streets and bringing food and comfort to those with nothing.


Education is a very low priority for many families trying to survive. Door of Hope runs several education programmes to help people escape from poverty.

Support for the marginalised

The gypsy communities are often despised. Door of Hope recognises their worth and helps through education, social care and extending a hand of friendship.

Works Skills and Training

Bringing training and much needed skills to people who want the ability to stand on their own two feet but need knowledge to do so.


To help combat the scourge of trafficking and to stand up for the defenceless.

Visiting the Prisoners

Regular visits are undertaken in prisons to support materially and spiritually those who are incarcerated and their families.


Started in 1947 by Harlan Popov originally to support Christian’s imprisoned for their faith, our work has increased not only in the number of projects we support but also the countries. Eastern Europe has changed enormously in the last two decades but many peoples lives are still stuck in a medieval era. Day to day developments have passed them by, people with no education or support mechanisms, beaten down by the hard labour and work they have to undertake just to exist. A reality where children of gypsy birth are still discriminated against and have teachers actively discourage them in attending. Places where a wash is waiting, till the summer to go down to the river with your children to bath. People who are imprisoned for their crimes which are often driven by utter despair and poverty and where corruption is so rife that if you can’t pay your way out then they throwaway the key.
Door of Hope exist to try to intervene and help people and communities where others may well pass by. Mothers with HIV, life long prison ministry, human trafficking, educating the marginalised. This is our story and we hope that you, your church or your organisation may consider partnering with us to try to bring justice to unjust situations. We can’t help everyone but we can help some and that is what we are aiming to do.

Thank you all for your love and support. 

– Phil and Diane


Rev. Philip

Director of Bulgaria



Director of Ukraine



General Manager



Translator – Coordinator


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.