Project Description


There are over 150 children attending the kindergarten and school that Door of Hope has set up. Teachers receive regular training and the children themselves are taught the Bulgarian language, hygiene and simple moral issues. The long term objective is to prepare them for eventual employment and constructive relationships.

To this end a Life Academy for teenagers has been established in the town of Chirpan. Teaching sessions are conducted on such topics as: Discovering your Potential, Needlework, Music, Photography Health Issues and practical subjects like Plumbing, Carpentry and Computers. Door of Hope is concerned about the long-term prospects of deprived children, not only in satisfying their immediate feeding needs. Our developing literacy and numeracy programmes are helping these children not only to learn how to play, how to read and write, but to give them a sense of worth and a code of Christian moral values. Financial support is needed to continue to build an educational programme that will help these children to finally become responsible citizens in their community.

With the goal to facilitate an internship programme within the Learning Centre, this offers the young women to be trained in a number of different skills.


Training new volunteers

We formed a group of 9 teenage Christian girls and boys. They wanted to help our work with the children and so Door of Hope set up a training course for them. The tuition & training was led by Bobby. In spite of their lack of experience, the new volunteers began immediately to apply their new skills in the running of these projects.

These courses were designed to train the new staff of volunteers on their skills for independent work and the practical application of helping their household and it’s maintenance. Mastering these skills creates useful characters which is neccesary in any job. The aim was to increase their potential awareness and self-confidence for finding future work. This reminds us of the time when Door of Hope set up the Sewing Machines Project and three of the Turkish teachers found full time jobs as tailors.


This is run as a 4 day course, where 6 girls were trained.

This included the usage of the variety of kitchen supplies, and learning to master the different practical ways, electric devices such as mixers and blenders are best utilised. Within the course also, it is taught the importance of healthy eating. Many of the tasks performed are in such a way as too stimulate the student’s concerns for their future and well being.


The 5 day course was to train these young people in the skills for carpentry and house-keeping.

This course was designed to stimulate these young people’s minds and abilities on the importance of concentration and quality while using the correct tools and dimensions, needed in every job today. In these courses, traditional carpentry hand tools and a variety of semi-professional electric hand machines are used.

We would like to say a special thank you to our friends and partners at LinktoHope for supplying us the protective glasses, masks and gloves which enables us to run a safe and secure training course.



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