Ark Summer Camp


ARK SUMMER CAMP The Ark Summer Camp focuses on caring and bringing people together on a short camping holiday. The Ark is put on for families and children who have fled the conflict zone and feel alone, including low income families and single parents who have suffered abuse. Door [...]

‘Haven Of Hope’


‘HAVEN OF HOPE’ You are no doubt aware that for the last few years, Ukraine is in the middle of a war. The effects on the people living in the East of the country has been terrible. Alex and Zina are a wonderful Christian couple who used to run [...]



LUDMILLA Within a forest of tall, depressingly grey apartment blocks in Kiev, an amazing lady named Ludmila, singlehandedly cares for over 500 families, including children and youth, inflicted with debilitating cerebral palsy. She must be one of the most inspiring ladies that we have encountered in Eastern Europe. Ever [...]

Little Mothers


LITTLE MOTHERS As many of you are aware the war is still continuing in Eastern Ukraine. Many of our project managers are helping with refugees but they are also trying to continue their work with the marginalised people in the country. This is just one example of those that [...]

Prison Ministry


PRISON MINISTRY Based in the ancient city of Lviv, Door of Hope funds and distributes items into prisons for young offenders. Through the direction of our good friend Pastor Misha Kenio, beds mattresses, extra food, art materials, books, items of hygiene, musical instruments have been provided. We also provide [...]



SHOEBOXES FOR BULGARIA & UKRAINE SHOEBOXES Shoeboxes at Christmas is an amazing gateway to sharing our love for others who literally have nothing. The shoebox is a simple idea, which puts big smiles onto people faces. The shoeboxes are gifts given to families who often have to make [...]

‘I AM’ Project


'I AM' PROJECT WHY DON’T THEY HAVE THESE DOCUMENTS? Historically people have been wary of authority and have insulated within their communities. The long shadow of communism still remains in the heart and memories of many, who have spent their lives avoiding authority at all costs. Other people have [...]



EDUCATION Within a small and marginalised community in Chirpan, Door of Hope supports a small education centre run by Michael and Boyana Kirov. Children are taught early stage lessons as well as support with the Bulgarian language, hygiene and simple moral issues. The long term objective is to prepare [...]

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