Work Skills


WORK SKILLS Door of Hope works with some of the most marginalised and rejected, ethnic people. They reside in the village of Chirpan in Eastern Bulgaria. With the support of our close friends from Link to Hope, we send shoeboxes to them each year. Many of these ‘homes have [...]



EDUCATION There are over 150 children attending the kindergarten and school that Door of Hope has set up. Teachers receive regular training and the children themselves are taught the Bulgarian language, hygiene and simple moral issues. The long term objective is to prepare them for eventual employment and constructive [...]



CANTEEN In the suburban quarters of Chirpan and two small surrounding villages, live ethnic Turks and Gypsies. The social conditions of these places are extremely poor. There is an absence of local medical and dental assistance, no professional social care or compulsory education, minuscule pensions for the elderly and [...]

Trafficking Prevention


TRAFFICKING PREVENTION IN BULGARIA With Bulgaria’s poor economy contributing as one of the main factors, victims of trafficking play a significant role in this country. This produces a huge source of traffickers. Many of the trafficked girls are trying to escape the poverty in Bulgaria, which often means accepting [...]

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